Puerto Rico | Marla & Feng

Tanya Musgrave2 Comments

Not many of my weddings have been in a gorgeous place like Puerto Rico, but it's equally rare for them to involve three languages (English, Chinese, and Spanish) and so much culture. 

I had the enormous privilege of being the family photographer for the weekend—of being invited into their family and to such an intimate celebration of Marla & Feng. 

They met over rock climbing (awesome), bad weather, and the promise of grabbing frozen dessert.

Feng's parents and buddy from college flew from China to meet Marla's parents and brothers in Arecibo, PR. It was quite a treat to witness the two merging cultures—the ways of haystacks and authentic, delectable Chinese food.

Enjoy the weekend :)


Exploring San Juan

Aracibo seaside Vacation house

The weather fluctuated right up until the hour of the ceremony, with the storm front pushing past juuuuust as it started. 

She was in a dress her sweet mama made, and he had the rings that reflected his scientific profession (the engraving is an equation that equals the letters of their initials!)