"Michael" (But really Mikey)

PortraitsTanya MusgraveComment

It all started with his oldest sister—my very first senior photo session ever, back in 2009 :) 

Actually, it all started at summer camp—his fam was one and the same to any memories involving that place, and it continued from when he was an eensie 6-year-old to nearly 10 years later. I took his next older sis's senior photos a couple years ago, and now it's his turn: the next and last of 'em. *sob*

He's completely shot up—I think my head may've reached his armpits. It doesn't seem possible that this is the same kiddo that would get swallowed up by our staff t-shirts, but he'll indeed graduate this coming year and I'll have to polish my gun collection for when he hits the college campuses.

In all seriousness, he and his family mean the world to me. He and his mom drove about 10 hours in a day for this to happen, and we got to spend a few precious hours catching up. 

Mikey dearest, you've grown into such a fine young man with a solid head on your [lofty] shoulders—can't wait to see where God takes you, little man. Blessings for the adventures and fun times ahead! Love ya lots!