The Camp House | Deanna & Matt

WeddingTanya MusgraveComment

Drizzly days are no match for the laughter from family and friends reunited for a wedding celebration. Warm coffee and warmer people permeated the laid-back day and we started the fun with the chillest couple ever.

Matt, a fellow film bruh from college, told me the wedding was going to be at the Camp House and I couldn't wait. 

The Camp House was not just a coffee shop in our college days—it had songwriters and story slams, yes, but it also opened its doors to the likes of various local  filmmakers and intellectual get-togethers. A hub of downtown Chattanoogan ways, per say, in its new and expanded location.

Not only did Matt and a couple other fellow filmmakers light the space, you'll also see the reminiscent film style in our post-wedding portraits at The Chattanoogan, with some of my favorite after-hours lighting I've worked with yet. 

Many blessings for a marriage as artistic and adventurous as you guys :)


Matt Hadley and I took off to meet them at the Chattanoogan for some after-hour portraits.  We got a chance to kick back and play with a new light that Disbro had. 

Did I mention they're filmmakers? Does it show?