Barn at High Point | Chris & Ashley

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I'm pretty sure this is one of the most unique couples I've ever shot -- lovers of Disney and Firefly, all wrapped into one.  Set it to the sounds of Pacific Rim, add in some weapons, literal fire and rain and you have just a smidgen of all that encompasses this animator and his bride.  

They took the rainy weather (and resulting power-outages) in stride, and made it just as memorable -- in FACT, I'm absolutely in LOVE with the shot we got at the end of the day!

Stay tuned for a little somethin'-somethin' when it comes to their love of Firefly (that will also explain what the weapons were for) -- I may or may not have something in the pipelines ;-) 

But as for the wedding,  Divertitevi ~

Dress Pearls Brooch Dress-in-the-corner Bouquet First-Look-Bride First-Look First-Look-B&W Walking-B&W Bride Bouquet-Wide Shoes Bridesmaids Groom-Boutonniere Groomsmen Bridal-Party-Selfie Windows-and-bottles Signing-the-Globe Bucket-o'-presents Mailbox-detail Unity-Sand Bridal-Procession Ceremony-Front Ceremony-Wide Ceremony-Laughing Vows

Now you may recognize the Best Man; that's Allen, the groom from a previous wedding I had the privilege of shooting. You might also remember the Ring-fetching stunt that Chris pulled when he was Allen's Best Man -- Lol, pretty killer to see karma turn around. (Those are handcuffs btw)

Handcuffs Kiss Parents-Crying-B&W Presentation Reception-Wide Table-Setting Mary-Poppins Table-Setting2 Cake Cake-Fight Grandmother-Reception-Candid Candy-Table Reception-flames Groom-Reception-Candid Bride-Reception-Candid Sparklers1 Getaway

And here's what makes the difference -- time. Rarely do we photographers really get a chance to play around and figure out ideas. I'd had a rain photo before, but wanted to try a warm/cool effect with a sparkler. No way could we've done it without a bride and groom so awesome to give us the time :) With the help of a groomsman, Courtney Herod and Jeremy Bowcock, I think we pulled it off!