Banff | Brad & Amy

Tanya Musgrave3 Comments

Flash back a year (to the day) from this shoot, and I was about 12 hours freshly transplanted into Idaho—I didn't know anybody. Honestly it was one of my biggest concerns moving up here; community can make or break a location for me. A college friend tagged Brad and Amy in my I'm-moving-to-Idaho post, and I got a private invite to church for the day after I arrived. 

It could've been a "Sup, nice to meet you, see you around." type of thing. But I was quite literally absorbed into their group that day—"Sit with us." "Come to lunch." "Let's go to the park." "Hey I'm a photographer too!" "I'm hungry, let's go back and have lunch left-overs." "Come play volleyball tomorrow." Now that I look back on it, I'm not sure how much choice I had in the matter ;-)

That turned into backpacking, camping, hiking, movie nights, birthday parties, basketball/volleyball, game nights—more mileage in the first few months than most friendships would see in a few years. 

Now I know this should be about the couple and their love story (blah blah, they're in love and got married, lol). But I just had to take the time and highlight just how awesome they are together. Their hospitality and eye for looking out for (and roping in) newcomers is a talent I'm super grateful for.  Their love for each other is apparent in how they take on the world together. No doubt my experience in Idaho would be much different.

So anyway, that's my sappy post. Here's Brad and Amy! They were super cool and willing to get up at 3a for this, haha.

To friends and the adventures we go on...



And of course, a shout out to our friends is in order. Sara for watching the stuff, Dani for snagging spots on various rocks, and Joe for being the jacket-shoes-camera-go-getter/holder/mule. Lol, you all rock.