Durham, NC | Jesi & Alex

Tanya Musgrave1 Comment

With as many blogs as I start off with "At summer camp..." I suppose we should just assume that all friendships that form there are something of the special sort, of which this one is no exception. Jesi has been one of my oldest and best camp friends since our first summer thirteen years ago. Harrowing camp adventures and hard work have a way of showing the quality of a person. I had no doubt that the one who'd come along for her heart would be of any less caliber. 

The couple, and as a result the wedding, was the very essence of being southern-sweet and fancy-free. Laughter. EVERYWHERE. And heart—lots of heart. From dad's handmade candles, grandma's mason jars, and old family recipes, to foliage from places that had significance, and her mama's baskets. 

Jesi and Alex, I LOVED shooting for you guys. I shall forever hold in my heart the sweet memories of veil-wearing, flashlights and beheaded bouquets ;-P Love you guys!