(Should you have a question that's not on here, please don't hesitate to e-mail me)

::Do you offer print packages?::

As it stands, I am super content having photography as a side-love and letting you customize whatever print package you like by giving you a disc with high-res images.

Upside: Usually that disc is upwards of $500 with other photographers. (There's actually a very legitimate reason for this. Most photographers get their bread and butter from what they earn in doing the leg-work for prints. Holding onto the high-res images ensures income for them. For now, my main living prevents me to handle print-packaging. Dry your eyes, lol, remember I said I was content with photography as a side?)

Downside: You get to do prints on your own (this is usually an upside though, and I can recommend some pretty awesome professional print-companies that are geared specifically for professional photography)

::Do you offer albums?::

Yes! You may wonder why prints are out, but albums are not. This is because I outsource. Adrienne Vernon is a fantastic album designer that I trust implicitly. She has designed many wedding albums for esteemed photographers (a main one being Garrett Nudd). Most of what you pay for goes to her for her labor (per spread), and the album itself. Consequently, the price varies depending on the album you want.

Basically what you pay me for is the leg-work. I oversee it getting done, coordinate the orders, and give the final creative-say.

For all the options and pricing, please contact me directly.

::How do we arrange payment?::

For portrait/engagement sessions, I'm pretty flexible. Generally, my clients bring payment in the form of cash or check to the session, but I am understanding of those tight situations, and if you need to break it up into a couple payments, we'll work it out.

For weddings, we'll contract a payment plan.  Again, I am completely understanding of tight situations and only need to be communicated with.

That being said, it should be made clear that delivery of photos will happen only upon completion of payment. (Bad experience, but lesson learned)

::How many photos will I get?::

Depending on the length of the session, I've delivered anywhere from 50-300 photos. For weddings, there are usually 70-80 per hour. (Yes, all edited)

::How do I prepare?::

Ah, this is the fun part =) Go shopping! For pictures, I mean. There are plenty of styles out there, and I definitely love experimenting (the vintage-look is hot right now, but may not do it for some people). Browse and see what styles/shots you like and then send me a few. This will give me a better idea of what style you like, as well as a better idea of YOU!

Think of what you like to do. Bring props =) Come prepared to have fun (even if your mom is making you do this).

I will help you with posing, no worries. As a photographer, it's in my best interest to photograph you in the most flattering way possible. But know that means with you being you. None of this teeth-whitening, skinny-fy nonsense. If there's anything I love about photography, it's showing people how attractive and awesome they are in their very own skin.