Bodybuilding | Caroline

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I keep out-of-the-ordinary on the docket to sustain my interest and sharpen the skills—every once and again, I'll get the awesome opportunity to photograph out of my norm so I can experiment.  

Thankfully I have the best clients that let me try basically anything I jolly-well want to when it comes to lighting or setups for composites.  Or ideas that involve tossing water all over them.

Caroline's mah girrrl and so dear to me—she was my junior camper years ago, she and her twin sis (Amanda, who also accompanied and was a pro at assisting with my strobes).  We've kept in touch over the years and she's always been one that's remained close.

This was a week before one of her competitions—thanks to a local Asheville Crossfit gym (Crossfit 828), we got a chance to play to our heart's content.  She's a beast!

Enjoy :)

 As soon as she mentioned an athletic shoot, I was already thinking of ideas; one involved water, such as the ones above, and another was of a composite.  Simple and clean, loved going with this idea.