Boothbay Sunrise | Bridal Session

Wedding-TK-7 Comments

I'm a lover of crazy ideas—brides love them in the planning process.  What's even more awesome is when they're crazy enough to actually do it. So when


mentioned that it'd be cool to get some shots by the water at dawn, I latched onto the idea and mayyyyy or may not have gotten the Rapidbox just for it

(that's the light modifier that I'd used in an elaborate styled shoot purely to figure out how to use it)


"Come to find out, the sun rises super early in Maine."

Meaning, even though we got started at 4 am, I didn't actually get to use it that much.  HOWEVER.  What DID happen was one of the best possible things in exchange: the sun decided to rise right behind her.  I wanted to hug the earth.

Without further ado.  *eee!*


"Since this was purely for fun, we got to experiment with a high fashion look for the first few..."