Black Fox Farms | Niko & Joel

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There's always been a bit of a soft spot for this place, and it aaallllways ends up being a bit rainy every time I've come to shoot a wedding here, BUT Niko and Joel didn't let it deter them and for the first time, I got to shoot their wonderful ceremony outside!   

Plus, this crew would be more than capable of handling any type of emergency—the family and friends were predominantly firefighters and other various forms of emergency medical staff.  (Seriously just being around the group gave me a throwback to my childhood, growing up in a family of firefighters and EMTs.)

So fun and laid back!  AND I have to mention that I was pretty stoked to meet Sully, her smart little corgi that has been training as a diabetic alert dog.  Most definitely a member of the family!

Without further ado!


The reaction to The Kiss "...ON THE LIPS!"