Road Trip | Snake River & Shoshone Falls, Idaho

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Today was our long driving day so we weren't really planning on stopping again -- besides, not much would be able to top yesterday.

But still, life can take you by surprise.  Or at least Idaho can.

For instance. When you drive across a nothing-special bridge like this:


You don't. Expect. This.

2R4A0596 2R4A0544

It was the Hansen Bridge, towering over Snake River Canyon 
(One of the places Evel Knievel failed a jump). 

It's been a while since I've gotten muscle-lock from heights, but walking to the edge was quite the adrenaline rush.

One of those "my-subconscious-just-might-hurl-me-over-the-edge-before-I-can-stop-myself--Back-away-slowly" moments. 

 Absolutely loved it.


So we keep driving through stuff like this:


And less than two miles from this, I kid you not, we find this:

Shoshone Falls Pan
Shoshone Falls, folks.
2R4A0581 2R4A0572 2R4A0575

Awesome sights, lots of driving, and hey! By the way. 

We made it to Oregon!