Road Trip | Chimney Rock

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Yes, Chimney Rock (not the one in Asheville), but THE Chimney Rock from your past DOS Oregon Trail adventures. Not gonna lie, it was pretty legit seeing it in real life.  Even in 104 degree heat.

I took pics to stitch together a panorama, but my computer died. Guess where my charger is. Yup.  And we're not going back for it.

By the dubs, we made it to Cheyenne, Wyoming. I don't know what I expected to be here...maybe I'm just in the wrong part of Wyoming, but...yeah.

So, onward on my cousin's computer til I can get a charger in Utah tomorrow (Yeah, that's how small-town this place is.  Closest anything is Fort Collins Colorado).

Some snaps:  

2R4A0173 2R4A0175 2R4A0182 2R4A0180 2R4A0187