Letting go of the crap | Beth

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So one of the faculty at my alma mater approached me and said she had to take a head-shot for a brochure she was going to be in. Haha, she made it clear that she wasn't overly excited about taking pictures (Truth: A lot of people who come to me for pictures are uneasy about it at first, haha), but we set up a time and started the session.


A little into the session, I learned a little more of the story: she was deciding to let go of crap in her life, at least one thing every day, one day at a time. According to her philosophy, "crap" is everywhere within our lives and we are quite literally holding onto the little turds (pardon the graphics), and keeping ourselves from having a happier, carefree and holistically better life. For her, picture-taking ran a thread through some of her insecurities, and yet she had made a conscious decision to let go of it and face her fears.

I thought this was AWESOME!! I run into people's insecurities all the time when it comes to looks and taking pictures, and I can concur (take my word as a photographer) that it is indeed "crap."

People will come to me and be afraid of me taking pictures of their left side, or that they're not fond of their nose/teeth/lovehandles/hair/hands/feet/etc. and I never would've picked out anything out of the ordinary unless they'd pointed it out like they did. And I'm the one paid to notice things!

Lol, here's a secret...if someone says it's a good picture of you, even if you hate it, obviously they found something that told them it was a good picture. So it's probably a good picture of you. Seems elementary eh?

I can tell seriously tell Beth AND everyone else, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL =) When you are being yourself, letting yourself relax and releasing those little turds (lol), you'll find yourself a lot happier.

Enjoy our mutually therapeutic, turd-free session =P


Lol, yes Beth, laugh all you want...


Cheers to letting go of crap! Woohoo! Beth, it was a pleasure...you were (and ARE) amazing =)