Roommate Fun II...and dentures.

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Stephanie, my roommate from last year, is now my R.A. for this year, but I forgive her, since we still get to live in the same apartment. It happens to be her birthday tomorrow (Click here to message her a happy birthday, since it doesn't come up on Facebook that it's her birthday, the little weasel).

In any case, we came back from her birthday brunch with her parents and it was snowing. Being the cold-blooded person that she is, she absolutely loved it and I thought maybe I could set aside my island-loving distaste for the stuff, and take pictures of her in it :-P. After all, she was all pertied up with the coolest hat ever. Sooo, little miss Europe and I had Roommate fun #2. A bit colder than Roommate Fun #1 but still a lot of fun :)




Then it actually started snowing like nobody's business. Notice the congruent happiness, lol.




AAAAAND for the Final Fotographer's Fave, I'd have to say this one:


Oh yeah, and the dentures part, lol...her birthday brunch happened to be at Cracker Barrel, where I love perusing all the insane little gifts they have. For some reason, I just couldn't resist. In hindsight, it probably wasn't the smartest financial investment, but it made me laugh, lol. Just thought I'd share...


Yes, ladies and gentlemen...ice-cube trays in the form of dentures, "so no one will steal your cup again." Loves it, lol, that's all for now! Smile people, it's a beautiful day out :)