Black Cliffs | Fashion Editorial ft. Heather Dappolonia

Tanya Musgrave1 Comment

Creative spirit animals are hard to come by—where someone can match your pace idea by idea and not only have the skill to do so, but the energy to go with it. Good thing too, because we had rubber legs this particular day. Less than 18 hours before this shoot, we were in snow-capped mountains, knee deep and 8 hours into adventuring. But regardless, our right brains always prevail—when we get together, we create something.

I’ve known Heather since film school and got acquainted with her skills in the Makeup & Wardrobe dept. And I love photographing her creations. Before, it was flowers and feathers on the shores of the Salton Sea. This time it was desert cliffs. Next time, it’ll be coastal (oh-ho yes, it’s in the works).