Chattanooga | Ana & Daniel

Tanya MusgraveComment

She thought he was a show-off musician. The friend-zone was strong. That is, until some other plans fell through and they found themselves on a friend-date where everything changed.

These two. Not only do they laugh and have a blast together, they've been surrounded by equally fun-loving family and friends—the entire day was chock full of laughter and laid-back fun, dancing totally to the beat of their own rhythm. Unconventional and just as rad.

I was so honored and pleased to shoot this wedding—I'd seen Ana around college, but didn't really get a chance to get to know her; sheesh, we ended up just laughing throughout our Skype planning sessions and the wedding day. She's like my spirit animal (The chica has a Back to the Future sound effect as her ringtone, c'mon.)

In any case, enjoy the day—I certainly did :)