Dublin, VA | Alyssa & Nate

Tanya Musgrave1 Comment

"Cozy rain, wooden floors, stove heaters and a bundle of Southern hospitality..."

After a chance encounter that resulted in them sharing a meal amongst strangers and friends, Alyssa and Nate found themselves going with the flow of their group's evening entertainment decision: a ballroom dancing class. It led to an official first date, and culminated in a stylish Southern wedding in Virginia.

Everyone was keeping an eye out for the weather as preparations came together at the Rockwood Manor. Dublin Virginia was calling for more than the gusts and sprinkles that we got, thank goodness.

Gorgeous colors, gorgeous setting. What else could be asked for? 

Thanks goes to the lovely Nelya for helping me out that day! And shout outs go to Alyssa for having impeccable taste in venues, and to Nate who kept up with the Art of Manliness to craft that incredible ring-box.